Hello and Welcome to Practicalized

My name is Mohcine. I created this website primarily to share the most valuable lessons and insights I’ve learned throughout the years about business, marketing, productivity, relationships and networking, health and fitness, learning, language acquisition, and life in general (I call these insights takeaways). This is the place where I document my journey towards self-improvement. It’s also a place where I can practice writing in English since it is not my native language.

The website is plain on purpose. I really like minimalist design. Actually, I like minimalist everything.

Besides the takeaways, you’ll also find detailed notes and summaries of what I consider the best books and courses I’ve studied.

If you would like to get in touch with me, you can do it here. Please, please, please don’t contact me if your purpose is to get me to buy web design, SEO, more traffic, or anything of that sort. I will never respond to those emails.

Some of the links I post are affiliate links. If you purchase something after clicking a link, you help me out without spending an extra penny. You should know that I only publish things that I think are worth it regardless of whether there is an affiliate program for them or not.